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How to Ace Your Pinterest Campaign

How to Ace Your Pinterest Campaign

Aligned with prestigious companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platform in our era. With more than a hundred million users worldwide, who wouldn’t agree that it is a good channel for social media marketing? Related to this, an improved “Pinterest for Business” was officially launched just recently making online selling more fun and convenient with them. This is indeed a pin-teresting new opportunity for the business minded and for aspiring online entrepreneurs!

We know you are feeling excited and worried at the same time due to this update. New always mean challenges but not to worry, we have been anticipating this over time. To help, we’ve listed tried and tested tips to help you ace your campaigns – and yes, you can pin this article later.

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  • Determine your campaign goals

There are hundreds and thousands of online sellers from different parts of the world. Ever wondered if there is one out there who is selling the same products that you have? Ofcourse, there is and there’s a lot.  This fact simply means that you’ve got a lot of work to do to prove yourself.  From credibility, quality of products, client care and etcetera you need to build up. Yet, do not be afraid. You just have to determine your campaign goals.

You can start by just asking yourself what it is you want to achieve after a month or two. This will help you realize and narrow down what needs to be done, what is realistic and what is there to expect. Planning ahead of time saves your campaign from possible confusions and vagueness in the future. The result from it outlines your campaigns’ strengths and weakness giving you the opportunity to improve and improvise on the area.

  • Maximize the use of tools and features

Just like any other social media sites, Pinterest also provides tools and features to give their users a memorable customer experience. Understanding and mastering them all can possibly lead to unthinkable results. Listed below are some of the most utilized tools in Pinterest that you might want to check out and remember especially if you are just starting up.

Pin It Button is the best way to get discovered. Once you add this button to your website you allow your customers save things they like from posts.

Promoted Pins are just regular pins. The only difference is you pay to boost its exposure to the public.

The widget builder is fully customizable and more on the development side of the pages. You decide based on the options provided then simply add them to your website.

Buyable Pins let people shop without leaving the page, avoiding pagination which is a bit inconvenient especially if you are using your mobile phone. How to spot a buyable pin? It should be colored blue, simple.

Rich Pins contain more information right on the pin itself. Subcategories are:  app, movies, recipe, article, product and place

  • Timing of posts

You might not believe it but time zones and seasons can affect your business too. While you post, your potential clients might already been sleeping or is no longer interested. Why sell heaps of swimsuits on winter, right? Something like that. You have to study your craft, be aware of the market niche and everything in order not to miss any opportunities.

  • Interact with other users

Unlike other social media websites, Pinterest is much more about saving and sharing content. However, it doesn’t mean it is not a social network. Pinterest was created with dynamic functionalities that lets one communicate to other users. To give you all a broader understanding, I’ve listed some functionalities that can improve your audience and followers range.

Likes: Liking a pin is the easiest way to interact to other. It is also the easiest functionality to learn. The icon makes its use a bit obvious which is pretty convenient especially to non-techy users. Liking a post notifies the user much like how the like feature works in twitter and facebook.

Comments: You can comment and share your thoughts freely on others pins. Just click on the box and start typing in. This is visible for public view, meaning whenever the pin is shown comments will just be right at the comment section.

Tagging Users: Works pretty much like twitter and facebook, you can tag other users using the “@” symbol.

Sending Pins: Sending pins are like sharing a post to other users. What’s unique about this is it provides options to send pins even to non Pinterest users.

I hope we are able to help and we wish you good luck – happy pinning!

Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.
Catherine Vanvonno
Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.
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