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6 Social Media Marketing Techniques That Will Set New Trends In 2017!

social media marketing trends in 2017

In this highly advanced era, launching an online business is not a difficult task but running it successfully requires that you get the maximum results out of your social media campaign. While making the strategy for social media marketing, you must not forget its current trends.

The more actively you follow social media trends, the more it will help you to stand apart from the competitors. Considering the gravity of this important point, we list here the 6 social media trends you should follow in 2017:

1. Facebook Will Become A Video-Centric Forum

When it comes to social media marketing trends, then you cannot rule out the significance of videos. In this year, businesses will focus more on sharing videos on Facebook. This specific video marketing strategy will benefit businesses in various ways.

Therefore, you need to start improving your video capabilities, which will enable you to easily attract target audience with great videos on Facebook.

2. WhatsApp Will Be A Business Communication Tool

If you dig out so you will find that in some parts of the world, businesses leverage WhatsApp as the business communication tool. This trend will grow more in this year and it means that you should also be ready for leveraging WhatsApp this way. It will be the best tool for interacting with customers effectively so make sure you get the maximum out of it.

3. The Growing Popularity Of 360-Degree Videos Will Continue

No doubt, the popularity of 360-degree videos will increase more in this year. You will see people shooting 360-degree videos through their own GoPro cameras and upload those videos on Twitter and Facebook in this year. It has also got the attention of businesses and now they will also get the maximum benefits out of 360-degree videos.

4. Businesses Will Rely More On Live Streaming

It is a fact that in this year, businesses will rely more on live streaming as social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are actively encouraging for it. Getting in touch with your target audience has become an easy task because of live streaming available on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you follow this great trend as that will benefit you a lot.

5. Businesses Will Inclined More Towards Instagram

In this year, businesses will attract more towards Instagram. If you talk about social media engagement then Instagram is the best one for it. It has also come up with Instagram shopping. Big brands are entirely prepared to use Instagram and with keeping it in mind, you should also have the effective strategy for it.

6. The Trend Of Using LinkedIn Ad Platform Will Prevail

As it comes to B2B advertising so LinkedIn is another player to jump into it. If LinkedIn succeeds to revamp its ad platform then competing with major players such as Facebook and Twitter will not be the difficult task for it in this year. It tells you to be ready to leverage LinkedIn’s ad platform in this year and turn your startup into a successful business.

These above-discussed are some famous trends of social media and following them will be necessary for all the businesses in the corporate sector. You should make sure you remember all of them throughout the year in order to take your startup to next high level.

Rayanne Dany is a social media manager at TAH. She has a vast experience in online marketing and social media marketing. In addition, She also renders her services to students searching assignment writing service. You can follow her on Google+.
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7 Winning Ways to Make Your Mobile Marketing Work in 2016

7 ways to make your mobile marketing work in 2016

Being a top-level mobile marketer is like walking an oil-slicked tightrope: you never feel like you’ve got your balance quite right, and even a medium-strength gust of wind threatens everything. To survive and even thrive in the digital age you must adapt. Start by incorporating the 7 mobile marketing tips below and you’ll rise above the circus in no time.

Be Sure Your Mobile Website Works

If you want to reach mobile users, you have to build a better mobile website. Mobile sites have different parameters versus their desktop counterparts. The screens on mobile devices are smaller, the operating systems more varied, and plug-ins like Flash aren’t always well-received. Consider that 57 percent of mobile users won’t recommend a business once they’ve had a negative experience with that company’s mobile website. You don’t want that kind of reputation.

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